Hidenwood Elementary School

501 Blount Point Road     Newport News, VA 23606     Phone: (757) 591-4766     Fax: (757) 599-4451

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Hidenwood Elementary School has served the community since 1957. Our goal is to offer an academic program that enables students to achieve their highest potential as they become productive citizens. We strive to provide a safe and orderly environment that encourages positive physical, social and emotional growth for all students.

  • Grades K-5
  • 630 students
  • 33 classrooms
  • 17.54 acres

Mission statement

We believe all students can acquire the skills necessary to be successful and productive citizens. We will set and achieve goals to develop academic abilities of all students while respecting diversity and strengthening positive growth physically, socially, and emotionally.   We will achieve our mission by involving teachers, families, and the community in a cooperative effort.

School Hours/Visitors/Enrollment Information

School Hours:




Full Day



Office Hours

7:30- 3:45


Between the hours of 8:20 am and 2:55 pm classes will not be interrupted except with permission from the office. The first priority of our teachers is to provide an uninterrupted day of quality instruction to your child.

Before & After School Childcare

Our school staff cannot be responsible for the supervision of students at times other than the school day hours of
8:20 am - 2:55 pm due to their professional responsibilities.

There are various day care centers that provide care for students at their facilities and provide transportation to and from Hidenwood Elementary. Here are a few:

**Newport News Parks and Recreation sponsors a Before and After School Program. The before school program is at Riverside Elementary and the students will be bussed to Hidenwood. The afterschool program is here at the school. The contact number is 591-4852.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Students should not be dropped off prior to 8:00 am. There is no supervision provided for students until 8:00 am. Parents are asked to remain in the car pool line and move to the front before your child(ren) exits the car. A staff member is there to "meet and greet" them.

Parents are asked to pick your child(ren) up by parking in the parking lot entering the building from the cafeteria door and signing your child(ren) out in the cafeteria.

Cafeteria Program

Breakfast is served every morning at 8:05 am. Lunch is served every day as a part of the regular school day.







Student (Full Price)



Student (Reduced)



Milk (Student)



Snacks (cookies, ice cream, etc.)



Applications for Free/Reduced meals will be in the Newport News Elementary School Handbook.



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